Saturday, January 1, 2011

Halo Remake: worth taking a look?

game is being quietly remade by Microsoft's 343 Industries. All the speculation appears to be based on a interview with Steve McGill a high level English Xbox Executive.

The original question was:
Eurogamer: Is a Halo remake something you personally would like to see? Do you think it's a good idea?

Steve McGill: I imagine it's a good idea. I think some people want to go back to older games and see them revisited and I think a lot of developers want to see that too.

But statement was taken out of context by Halo fans and journalists who ran with it - here's the question that was asked about Halo just prior to the one above:

Eurogamer:  "Why aren't you doing any HD remakes? The God of Wa

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  1. If they remade the original Halo I'd get it in a heartbeat. It would be so awesome! Following and supporting!

  2. The media is so quick to take anything out of context to get more views. :(